Olinda Avenue, WA

Located on the site of the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games, this beautiful Beach City home was designed by Q3 Architecture and features REHAU Hydronic Underfloor Heating. Chosen for its efficiency, reliability and local support, the underfloor heating system features 2,000 metres of REHAU RAUTITAN pink, installed in 420 square metres of living space. REHAU RAUTITAN green, stabil and pre-insulated pipes were also used for the rainwater tank, gas reticulation and water services respectively.


The home has been nominated for Environmental Awards through the Australian Institute of Architects with the contractor Enviroplumb winning Environmental Plumber of the Year, a prestigious industry accolade given by the Master Plumbers & Gasfitters of Western Australia.


Project Olinda Avenue, Western Australia
Scope of project 2,000m of RAUTITAN pink pipe
Architect/Engineer Q3 Architecture
Installer Enviroplumb
REHAU systems used Radiant heating (RAUTITAN pink); Water Services (RAUTITAN his311); RAUTITAN green; RAUTITAN stabil