1 Bligh Street, NSW

Occupying a premium corporate address in the heart of Australia’s financial capital, 1 Bligh Street, Sydney is the next generation in sustainable office space. The culmination of extensive research, inspired thinking and stunning design, 1 Bligh Street was created to be an entirely new generation of office building. It’s the flagship development of DEXUS Property Group, standing 29 stories and utilising a unique oval design to optimise light. It is Australia’s only high-rise with a double skin façade to maximise energy efficiency. In the centre of it all is the stunning atrium. Running the entire height of the building, it’s elliptical shaped floor plates enable 74% of the building to be within 8m of either the facade or the atrium, providing large amounts of natural light into the building and spectacular views in all directions.


REHAU hydronic underfloor heating was used throughout the main atrium to help maintain a consistent temperature near to the ground floor, adding to the energy efficiency of the building. Completed by Branco Boilers in only four days, the in-screed installation featured 5,000m of RAUTITAN pink pipe layed on insulation Tacker panel and polymer manifolds.


Specialists in the design and installation of hydronic underfloor heating systems, Branco Boilers have extensive experience installing REHAU underfloor heating, with over 200 home and commercial applications completed every year in sizes ranging from 100 square metres to 10,000 square metres. 1 Bligh Street’s sustainability innovations include the solar cooling system that feed into the tri-generation system. This reduces the strain on CBD grid infrastructure by 25% and provides free cooling for the building!


Less material is needed by using a specially formulated high-strength concrete and a column design that reduces the number of columns. The first use of a black water recycling system in a high rise office building saves up to 100,000 litres of drinking water a day!


90% of all steel used in the project comprises more than 50% recycled content. 80% of all PVC type products have been replaced with non-PVC materials.


Project 1 Bligh St, Sydney, Australia
Scope of project 29 storey building; 5,000m of RAUTITAN pink pipe
Architect/Engineer Architectus, Ingenhoven (Germany) / ARUP
Installer Branco Boilers
Radiant Heating/Cooling Radiant Heating (RAUTITAN pink; Tacker system; Polymer Manifolds)