The Performance Calculation is based on the following assumptions:

  • This service is prepared for Australia and New Zealand floor heating applications ONLY.
  • This service is prepared only for general quotation purposes, it is not intended for a final Bill of Materials
  • The performance estimation is indicative and is based on assumed floor structure values as stated in the diagram.
  • This calculation is only valid when REHAU components are used
  • The R-values of floor coverings are assumed
  • The target performance of the floor heating system to cover the residential-building heat load has been assumed
  • The Performance Estimation Service ‘Bill of Material Estimation’ terminates at the Floor heating manifold and does not include flow and return pipe work, pumps, expansion tanks, safety devices, valves, energy sources or any further devices that may be required for the operation of the hydronic heating system. A proper system design is required to determine if the Performance Calculation ‘Bill of Material Estimation’ will be sufficient to condition the space adequately.
  • This service is not suitable for commercial projects or applications which involve cooling or heating and cooling.
  • The material list includes a factor to account for general material wastage factors based on experience. It is the User’s liability to check the Material List and assure that it meets the project requirements.
  • Maximum floor surface temperatures have been assumed as per ISO 7730:2005 Ergonomics of the Thermal Environment
  • By confirming you are agreeing that the above stated disclaimer meets your specific project requirements
  • If your project is outside of the above limitations, please use the Design+ Service