Corporate Citizenship
Social Responsibility
As a global company and a responsible employer, REHAU is committed to causes beyond our own business activities. Around the world, we champion ecological, economic, social and cultural concerns. Our goal is always to assume long-term social responsibility in a way that will bring lasting values.
Art and the economy are interdependent. Without the support of foundations and from industry, many a stage for artistic activity would be smaller. On the other hand, by offering a new way of looking at ourselves and our surroundings, art supports the economy in its search for innovative ideas.
Jobst Wagner, president of the REHAU Group, on his relationship to art: “In principle, I feel that every entrepreneur should have some form of public commitment – be it political or cultural. My commitment is to art and artists. I feel enriched when I can offer my free time to the Bern Art Gallery Foundation and to thus contribute to the cultural life of Bern.
Here, I make a distinction from cultural sponsorship which is always linked to some reciprocal service. I expect nothing in return for my personal commitment which is more like a form of patronage.”
REHAU regularly supports cultural activities around the world. We are among the sponsors of the world-famous Rachmaninov Trio in Moscow and the well-known Art Museum in Bern, Switzerland. At our United Kingdom headquarters in Ross-on-Wye, REHAU contributed to the establishment of a world-class cultural program. Ever since the celebration of its 1,000 year anniversary, REHAU commissioned large steel pins depicting events in the history of Erlangen, Germany. REHAU was also the primary sponsor for the 600th anniversary of the town of Viechtach in the Bavarian Forest. Within the context of the Hochfranken corporate initiative, we provide support for the International Film Festival in Hof, Germany. Next to the Berlin Film Festival, Berlinale, the festival in Hof is considered by many to be Germany’s second largest film venue. Each year, REHAU ART attracts thousands of visitors to a meeting point for dialog, art and history at our firm’s headquarters in Rehau, Germany.
Science means progress. As the leading systems developer and innovation driver, our firm has offered the REHAU Prize for Economy and the REHAU Technology Prize throughout Europe for many years. Both prizes are directed at university graduates whose scientific theses deal with the economic aspects of international corporations, ranging from marketing and information technology to technical and manufacturing processes.
Around the world, REHAU sponsors professional symposia and expert roundtables dealing with the topic of science and technology. In Moscow, for example, we support the “German Architects and Engineers Club.” All specialized departments within the company are invited to the REHAU Colloquium. Here, well-known in-house and guest scientists speak on future-oriented themes and trends that are of particular interest to polymer processing.

Jobs Wagner, President of the REHAU Group.


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