Diffusion Plates
The Diffusion Plate system is an aluminium plate with parallel pipe channels punched along their length. They sit on top of 400mm spaced joists or battens and are ideal for second storeys or on existing slabs and are an excellent solution for timber floor coverings.* The system is known as a “dry” system as no concrete or screed is required as the heat transfer medium.
The aluminium plates diffuse the heat from the pipes across the entire surface area maximizing surface contact and heat transfer through low conductivity surfaces such as particle board, fiber cement or ply. Due to the continuity of the plates over the entire construction the heat is distributed evenly across the floor. Due to the high conductivity of the plates the reaction time for this system when compared to the in-slab system is significantly reduced.
*Due to the varying nature of timber the flooring manufacturer should be consulted to ensure materials suitability for particular application